Portraits for self confidence

Photoshoots to soothe the soul

after a bit of creative block, i invited my friend over for some tea, kitten cuddles and some natural light portraits.

(you can see the full set on instagram @_perfectlycandid)

I love natural light images. these havent been edited apart from light contrast alteration to ensure they’re all evenly lit when seen next to each other. (apart from the back and white one obviously) Scroll to see the images.

I’ve interested a few more girls to have more shoots like this in the coming weeks, it’s a great way to boost confidence and allows you to love your natural beauty.

50mm 1.2, natural light only.

Model: Emily Hannah

Necklace: Agharta Jewellery




I’m a firm believer in not telling people your plans but showing them your results but this one needs some forward planning and I’m too excited! Me and my other half are going to try out some light travelling this summer, by light travelling I mean as much as we can get by on our budget, Lisbon or Florence or the Greek Islands? We’re not quite sure, we have inspiration and lots of books. And my camera needs some colour.