CBD oil for chronic pain | EDS | Day 3

Normal working day at the studio,  ive had 2 doses of the oil one in the morning the other in the afternoon, been in a great mood all day again and ive got minimal pain where i usually have the most pain after a normal work day – i actually feel like i have the energy and strength to do my physio exercises which is very rare.

im currently writing this while laying on my stomach and because of the curvature of my spine thats usually impossible after just 5 minutes but my back pain isnt half as severe as it would be normaly.

So far so good.

The only thing is its £22 a bottle and after even 2/3 doses a day every day it probably wont last you very long..

but we will see 🙂


May Day 

My partner is currently grieving, I took him on a walk to the woods and we picked wild garlic and took pictures of the bluebells. It’s making me remember how I felt when I lost someone, I feel like I repressed a lot of the sorrow, I know I was sad, I remember that, but I don’t remember how it felt. I remember how I got through it. I’m envious that I was only 16 at the time, my partner is much older, I wonder if that helps though.. because you’re never prepared, we’re given no rule book, we have no point of reference, just our own memories and experiences. But I know that, be it age difference, he’s doing amazingly. 

Portraits for self confidence

Photoshoots to soothe the soul

after a bit of creative block, i invited my friend over for some tea, kitten cuddles and some natural light portraits.

(you can see the full set on instagram @_perfectlycandid)

I love natural light images. these havent been edited apart from light contrast alteration to ensure they’re all evenly lit when seen next to each other. (apart from the back and white one obviously) Scroll to see the images.

I’ve interested a few more girls to have more shoots like this in the coming weeks, it’s a great way to boost confidence and allows you to love your natural beauty.

50mm 1.2, natural light only.

Model: Emily Hannah

Necklace: Agharta Jewellery


Self portrait shoot

I was feeling inspired earlier, partly by the wonderful new pale blonde wig i bought, and ive set up a little daylight studio in the bedroom so i had a mini self portrait shoot.

used a 50mm 1.2 lens, daylight mimic bulbs, i used the awesome app that connects my phone to my camera to get it just right too.

I found this awesome artist too who inspired me to do something like these again, more test shoots with self portraits to come before my proper shoot on the 30th with my lovely model friend Emily

More on IG @_perfectlycandid


Watch this space! 🙂



The bath has always been my favourite place to be, laying under the water feeling my hair floating, feeling the weight of it and how it feels on my neck, I used to make the water a bit cool to feel like I’m in the ocean or a deep river. 

As natural as the experience can feel 

As natural as it feels to be with you 

If I had to describe how it feels being the one you love I would use the world floating 

When people talk about coming back down to earth, wherever that place is above earth, that’s where you are

I feel not myself, but in the sense that I don’t stop for even a second to be anxious or unhappy. I don’t have time. 

Looking in your sparkling, kind eyes makes my heart melt. 

If I had to describe how it feels being the one you love I would use the word floating 

Forever floating into your arms, spending every day falling more in love with you. 

Missing you

Last night was the first night id been back in my old room and my old bed since moving out, i miss my boyfriend and my kitten terribly, and the little home we made.

I’m currently waiting for my Mum to get out the bath so we can have some ‘girlie time’.

I’m home because ive had to have a horrible test done today and i have physio tomorrow at 8am. Then another doctors appointment then i can leave all the irritating problems i face now and then for a fun underwear photo shoot back at the flat.

Last night was hard sleeping without him.

My room even smells of him.. i know that isn’t possible, i think my brain is just forging it now.

People keep asking me how its going because it’s all moved so fast and i almost feel confused by the question, they don’t understand how i feel, i’m utterly infatuated.