Portraits for self confidence

Photoshoots to soothe the soul

after a bit of creative block, i invited my friend over for some tea, kitten cuddles and some natural light portraits.

(you can see the full set on instagram @_perfectlycandid)

I love natural light images. these havent been edited apart from light contrast alteration to ensure they’re all evenly lit when seen next to each other. (apart from the back and white one obviously) Scroll to see the images.

I’ve interested a few more girls to have more shoots like this in the coming weeks, it’s a great way to boost confidence and allows you to love your natural beauty.

50mm 1.2, natural light only.

Model: Emily Hannah

Necklace: Agharta Jewellery



hemp oil benefits

IMG_0049 copy

This post has been a long time coming.

I’m a big advocate for hemp, in all its forms, CBD oil has cured people of many things, its changed lives, has the same nutrients as fish oil (Omega 3 and 6), it takes pain away, hemp seed oil can make skin conditions a thing of the past, you can cook with hemp seeds and feed them to your hamsters (amazing) and hash brownies are fun and yummy, but we all knew that.

SO, skin care,

Bodyshop have a big range of hemp body butters, foot creams, hand protectors etc (note: its good, but it’s getting smaller, their face protector, for example, is now discontinued because it’s either misunderstood or it wasnt agreeing with many skin types, mine, however, loved it, and it’s still mourning its passing.

ALSO, Lush used to make hemp products for BodyShop, but unfortunately Lush don’t make a lot of hemp skin products, but they do have hemp hair products! yay

Another place to get hemp skin care products from is Holland and Barret, Dr Organic have a big hemp range,¬†look here!¬†slightly more expensive than BodyShop but it’s definitely more pure, meaning, they wont add anything to make it smell more acceptable and popular, hemp smells beautiful but compared to what BodyShop is commonly known for it does smell quite herby and botanical (the purer the better, you get what you pay for, your skin will thank you)



Hemp lip balm ( i have 3, so im never without one)

Hemp body butter (my boyfriend rubs it into my lower back on a night when i have pain from my curved spine, its really buttery and lovely)

Hemp hand protector  ( popular product, i have 2 big ones and one small one i keep in my makeup bag, its also okay for your face)

Hemp foot protector (works amazingly on dry heels)

Dr. Organic:

Eye cream

..and thats it, bit skint at the moment.

I also recommend buying some organic hemp seed oil from the internet, reasons:

  1. you can cook with it (im gonna put a recipe up later of hemp potato wedges, yum)
  2. you can pour it on salads
  3. you can pour it into your face cream
  4. you can use it for massage oil
  5. put directly onto injured skin/eczema, stretch marks etc.!
  6. you can remove your make-up with it

Its just amazing, okay?