I hope you get the help you need one day 


Working at the Vegan cafe

So, somehow today me and Dan ended up working together in the vegan cafe down the road from our house!

Dan made some gorgeous vegan sausage rolls and i made one vegan chocolate orange cake and another double chocolate vegan cake! I may be getting regular work there as the girl who bakes the vegan cakes! It’s lovely to have something creative and therapeutic to do aside from my job and my photography. Today i woke up feeling very blue and uninspired and a little bit of baking saved my mood wonderfully.

Working together was so lovely too ­čÖé were a great team!

Cafe is Peppercorn Cafe in Huddersfield, Trinity Street. Alex, the owner, is lovely and her recipes are stunning.

Coming off hormone contraception – depression┬á

Today I am low. It’s been 5 days roughly since I decided to come off the pill, during that time;

  1. I’ve had my period start (which btw is 10x more painful and disastrous when off the pill) I didn’t think it would take effect this quickly but.. oh boy!.. it has. 
  2. Mood swings galore. 
  3. Insecure about everything about myself to the point where I feel literally useless and pathetic 
  4. I want every day just to end. I look forward to being back in my bed. Sleeping. Doing anything basically other than being awake. Or having my eyes open atleast. 
  5. Extra horny but not enough energy to do anything about it. 
  6. My boobs hurt ALOT 

So, overall, not good, but like I said I’m having my period and I’m feeling extra strength crazy at the moment anyway. I’m also having hot flushes, even right now as I’m typing. 

I’ve read some other side effects online and from what I can see the most common are 

  1. Weight loss
  2. Mood swing
  3. Pmt may be worse 
  4. You may be more horny 
  5. More painful/heavy periods 

But all this I still, even when I feel lo as hell right now, is STILL better than being on fake hormones for over a decade. 

Because ultimately I want to be baby free and happy. Clear. 

I’m on enough meds as it is right now.

So, next week I’m going to get the no hormone coil fitted, I’m very scared but I’ll tell you my progress! May be a good idea to get the higher strength CBD beforehand.. 

CBD oil for chronic pain | EDS | Day ??

So.. i fell off the earth for a few days as it was my boyfriends birthday weekend

I havent had any of the oil since my last update, i thought since id be drinking id see if i can handle with just the boozey pain killer instead of mixing the two

ill be back on my regular routine by Wednesday!

A good thing is i found a  much more local health foods shop that stock the same brand of oil for the same price! yay! after this bottle is empty im going to try to next stregnth up.


CBD oil for chronic pain | EDS | Day 5

I’ve had a really easy day today so im having my one dose before i go to sleep.

I went to another health shop today that stocks the same brand of CBD oil i use and i got talking to the sales woman who said a girl with fibro had recently tried the stronger oil, i think its two up from mine, and she said as soon as she wakes up, she knows what kind of day she’s going to have, but since shes been taking it, she doesn’t feel as much pain and she says its sort of gone unnoticed, like, she just suddenly realised she wasnt in as much pain anymore.

That’s exactly what its been like for me.

It allows you to feel totally normal, no side effects from pain meds or anything, just feeling normal for the first time in ages.



CBD oil for chronic pain | EDS |Day 4

SO apparently i’m not very consistent with the diary posts..

i worked 9-6 yesterday came home and crashed on the sofa (like always)

i only had one dose of CBD oil and that was on the way home from work.. so couldnt really tell if it was helping the pain or  not

so, not a very helpful post this one.. more like a day in the life of working when you have EDS