CBD oil for chronic pain | EDS | Day 1

I stumbled on a whole foods shop and bought some CBD oil, i saw a flyer in the window about CBD oil you can vape, i don’t smoke so i asked if you could drink it, she said you just put a few drops under your tongue, 4 times a day and apparently a man with chronic pain tried it, returned a few weeks later and said he’s gone from 8 to 2 tramadol a day – pretty astonishing if it wasnt just a sales tactic.

Anyway, ive had the oil 2 days now and ive had 2 doses per day, ive had one tramadol on each of those days and usually i have 4, i know it’s a bit early but im being hopeful!

Above anything else, it tastes lovely. I have the day off tomorrow so im going to take 4 full doses and see if i can last 24 hours without pain meds.

Havent noticed any side effects apart from a slightly elevated mood and crazy dreams.



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