An open letter to the people who burgled us


I’m writing this on the laptop you failed to steal, it’s still covered in the dust used to find your fingerprints.

I was at work when my boyfriend called me, shaken, explaining how you had broken into our home through the bedroom window, trashed the place and stolen some of our important belongings.

You even tried to steal my camera, my camera is my life.

And what for? to delete all the photographs on the card, sell it, buy drugs, then do it all again to another innocent couple or family.

You walked around in my bedroom, i made the bed that day, it was a mess when i got home, you walked all over my white window ledge, you hand-picked my favourite shopping bag to carry all the things in our home you wanted to steal.

How many times have you done this? you didn’t break the window, you got out in time, you’ve definitely done it before..

You could have hurt the one i love, if i was home would you have hurt me?

I bet you expected us to have lots of expensive things, you took a look at our building and thought, they wont notice a few laptops or ipads missing, theyre loaded, i bet you were disappointed, we’ve worked hard for everything we have, we work hard to keep everything we have.

If you decided to use your brain for good in this world you’d understand what that feels like.

I came home after a day of earning money and hard work to find my belongings gone because of you, you don’t want to earn or work, you want to waste your life away and im helping you do that.

You stalked us, you knew when we left the house, you probably followed me home. You watched my boyfriend leave then made your way in to my home.

If i ever see you when i leave my second job at a pub walking home at 4am after a long shift, you’re not getting £1.50 or a half eaten box of chips.

I’m scared in my own home, i may need counselling.

I hope the high was worth it.



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