things that i never thought would happen to me (for no reason other than insecurity)

  1. a promotion
  2. actually getting what i need aswell as what i want
  3. being succesful as a freelance portrait photographer

i’m pretty booked up for the next few weeks for the first time ever. This is mainly because before i had a little pay rise at work, while staring at my bank statements i knew i needed to get paid work, i took on a second job and worked my arse off!

i know i can do anything i put my mind to.

i know that – i can see it before my eyes when i put effort into networking and putting my work into the world.

it’s not my mind that doesn’t know that, usually its my body that tries to stop me.

im looking at my hands, my nails have grown, it may be the better diet, the more focussed mind, maybe im just healthier all together, they don’t look like my hands, the hands that work extra hard and my appearance is showing it, for the better, i feel supercharged.

happy at work is very rare and im so lucky. i get paid to do my hobby, and i get to come home and talk about how much i love it. how very lucky.




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