happiness><money ?

last night i realised that when talking about what i do for a living i like talking about it and i feel like people are impressed when i talk about it. And i like when they ask questions, but in reality, on the surface, its good; i am not in that certain percentage of people who work in a crappy job when they get a degree because its hard to get into the industry. Im not working in Maccys. I actually work in my field. But it pays not even close to what i need to live on. And that, over time, has gotten worse and therefore is outweighing the rest.

In the long-term i want to work for myself, i know im nowhere near prepared for that especially by the fact that im still in my student overdraft after almost a year of work.




That’s just really hit home.

And i don’t even pay rent or bills. No one should be able to be expected to live like this!



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