The fault with contraception

So, for the last few months I’ve been trying to free myself from hormones. When I broke up with my ex i took a spontaneous trip to stay with my friends for a long sunny weekend and just before that id taken myself off the pill, sitting in the sun with my best friends made me realize how happy i could have been all those years off hormones. You think you might be depressed or suffer from anxiety? Take yourself off contraception for a while and i guarantee you’ll feel a difference. Anyway, after an appointment with my rheumatologist when considering a change in contraception for the health of my joints, it would seem the only option i have is a no hormone coil, which, well, even the word coil makes me cringe. But I’ve heard so many horror stories. I asked around friends and nurses for a few months talking myself in and out of it, then, finally, last week i had a conversation with a pretty straight talking nurse who said that if i have ever had heavy periods in my life then being on the coil will probably make them even worse and on top of joint pain that’s something id love to avoid!

So after much deliberation, im back on the mini pill. If I start to feel terrible again, I’ll bite the bullet and go on the best coil going.

I wish they’d change the name.

But above all, i wish female contraception was perfected. They’ve only just realised that its connected to mental health problems, its been going for decades and theyre still taking certain ones off the market because theyre so harmful. When are they going to make one for the men?


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