i just opened the laptop to write and i can’t think of anything to say, i’m on the sofa under a blanket i’m sharing with my kitten who is in heat at the moment and acting very strange – i feel her pain as i’ve taken myself off the pill, i’m supposed to be going on the coil but i keep hearing horrible stories from girls who’ve been on it, i don’t want to have the horrible periods every month but i’d rather deal with those than be paranoid or pregnant. I have an appointment soon and im hoping im going to have a chat with a no-nonsense nurse who will tell me exactly how it is.

i want to leave my job for a better paid one,  younger one, who’ll do stuff my job won’t do..

i’m not willing to stay in low paying job simply because it’s in my industry, i want to open a shop and i need money to do that. If things improve, i’ll stay, i’ll give it a week. It’s becoming an ugly atmosphere and i want financial security.




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