Missing you

Last night was the first night id been back in my old room and my old bed since moving out, i miss my boyfriend and my kitten terribly, and the little home we made.

I’m currently waiting for my Mum to get out the bath so we can have some ‘girlie time’.

I’m home because ive had to have a horrible test done today and i have physio tomorrow at 8am. Then another doctors appointment then i can leave all the irritating problems i face now and then for a fun underwear photo shoot back at the flat.

Last night was hard sleeping without him.

My room even smells of him.. i know that isn’t possible, i think my brain is just forging it now.

People keep asking me how its going because it’s all moved so fast and i almost feel confused by the question, they don’t understand how i feel, i’m utterly infatuated.




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