My Alter Ego

A second self or different version of oneself;  Such as a trusted friend or the opposite side of a personality.

You know when you’ve had an argument with someone and later on you think ‘Oh, i should have said that‘ and you’re just certain that if you had remembered or thought to say that better word or sentence or acted in some better way right then and there the whole moment would have gone exactly as you’d planned… but not at the time.

I like to think of those moments being said by a ‘better’ me.

A personified manifestation of my.. shortcomings? my regrets, things i’m too scared to do or say, things i possibly am already but my insecurities are clouding my view and understanding of them, shoulda woulda coulda in human form.

And i’ve always wanted to meet her, but we never seem to be in the same place at the same time, we keep missing each other.

She smokes, she inhales between sentences and pauses for dramatic effect, not hand rolled, those long posh ones, her nails are long and red, she’s always got something interesting to say, she’ll shake her head and roll her eyes at you.

She walks with attitude, when you’re passing her on the street she’ll glance at you without turning her head, confidently. She wears heels to work and proudly stomps around in them on top of wooden floors. She never complains about her feet hurting.

She never dyed her hair so its super long and thick and it waves in the wind like a cloak as she struts through life in her high heels.

One day i’ll look down on her





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