I’m losing ideas of what to title these little diary posts.. ill think of something more interesting i promise!


I finished work early today, went into town with Nicole and found a cheap wig shop (PRAISE THE LORD) because every time i buy a new one it’s like £80 ish.

When i got it home i realised it was human hair (ew) bit weird but its super soft and natural looking. And cheap, lets not forget that part.

Dan called around and we’re getting a kitten, yay! she’s a little black  4 month old  moggy, shes not getting on with the other cats so were going to rescue her, were picking her up tomorrow and luckily (not for my bank account, mind) im not working tomorrow, were thinking of calling her Nala, but we might change our minds once we see her.

Mum and Dad and Will are coming for dinner on Sunday so Dan can show off his big yorkshire puddings (no pun intended)

I’ve learned another Karen O song on ukulele, i love her.






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