to the girl i thought i’d be by now

So, i guess you’re skinnier, taller, longer hair, i see you stopped biting your nails, you did all your physio exercises every day, you stuck to that diet, you remembered to write in that diary every day, you learned to project your voice, you stood up for yourself, you went back in time and told that person to go do one, you outdid that underwear model you aspired to be while doing sit ups on your bedroom floor at age 16,

You’re the perfect visual improvement of everything i wish id be

But are you currently laid in the bed you share with the love of your life, writing with a smile on your face and confidence, content, no need for warpaint, knowing that any minute he may walk in and kiss your forehead,

No, you’re not

I wont listen to a word you say

The idea of where you might be in a few years time is an illusion, its good to have goals, but they soon fade, you are in charge of your future but you’re also in charge of knocking it down and defying any opportunity to feel like a failure

You’re the perfect version of you.




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