Goals for March :)

So, since i started this month having lost some weight i guess i should keep going.. I’ve just been put on the pill again after a few months being on nothing and i’ve had the fear of feeling all up and down again but actually i feel fine, i feel no impending emotional doom.. my weight doesn’t seem to have been affected so there you go!

I want to go out with my camera more and, most importantly, put less pressure on myself.

All the great things that have ever happened to me have happened when i least expected and definitely without any planning, so, i could talk for hours about the perfect job but the truth is i can’t predict just what is round the corner, it might be amazing, i bet it will be amazing.

I’ve been reading and writing more recently, i tend to use my phone more for networking rather than trawling through facebook mindlessly, everything is what you make of it in the end..

I’ve decided to stop eating meat too, i need to tune out the voice in my head that says real protein and good things come from animals, they don’t. Some do, but not all. I can be lighter literally and emotionally!

I’m getting good on ukulele, its nice to have something aside from photography, editing and writing, im proud of myself.

I finally have someone who really cares about me and wants to share my and his life with me, i feel inspiration and opportunity every day now. Every single day. Even the days when i don’t want to get out of bed, i still have that feeling. I hope he feels the same too.

I think it’s going to be a good month.

I’ve been filling my instagram with goodness too, its @thepassioncandid if you want to have a nosey 🙂


Happy March readers 🙂

Alice x



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