Another update

So, i’m healing after the loss of my little fluff ball, we want to get a kitten from a rescue, maybe a black one, since people are so wrongfully dismissing them, so were getting the flat kitty ready, by that we mean, sofa prepared for scratching and sleeping, food, litter tray, etc.

The sofa, btw, is huge and it was so cheap, a very kind man who’s doing what i am too scared to do and leave the country is giving way a lot of his stuff, we ended up getting the huge grey corner sofa £20 less along with a book shelf and a chest of drawers (YES!) so the living room is much cosier now and we can have people to stay.

Um, what else.

At work today, one of the make up artists called in sick so i had to do alot of extra bits that i dont usually have to do but i loved it, breaking out of the normal routine. i love working there even if they keep cutting my shifts.

Plus, i’m getting used to my boyfriend calling me asking me when ill be home so he can put the kettle on and maybe run me a bubble bath, having a ten minute scenic walk through the park is much better than an hour and twenty train ride without a seat.

We’re going to Vox tonight, the bar weve fallen in love with, theres sofas and bean bags and sixty different types of rum, yes, sixty. Posters everywhere of all my favourite bands, and only down the road, and putting spoons to absolute shame on the high street. But yah, i do have work at 9:30 in the morning but we can’t actually afford to get out of control drunk but we end every day believing we deserve a drink or two. And we do.

Plus im fairly confident i can do my job just as well with a hangover, i didnt used to be able to but ive been there for ages now and it’s getting easier. I tend to keep calm, im not sure when this happened, the lack of anxiety.. i must be growing up.

Currently im eating lentils and tahini at the dining table beside my camera ive just charged to take out tonight because the bar is so pretty i have to take some none phone camera photos, Dan is next to me on our new sofa playing his acoustic and singing, its been a lovely day.





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