A little update

Id say the biggest thing to happen to me recently was my hamster dying.

I know she was just a hamster but i had her throughout my last year at uni, she was constant company throughout every stressful day and mental breakdown, a constant little beautiful fluff ball of happiness. I’ve always felt much better around animals. She was a bit poorly and lived probably half a year longer than common for her breed. It wasnt a complete shock. Theres another thing that’s upsetting me though, because ive sort of moved in with my boyfriend My Mum found her and had to bury her and she was crying on the phone, i felt guilty like it should have been me..

some other less important & emotive adult things that have happened recently are we now have internet and a hover. Were very excited about this!

Being in a bigger city just feels to be brimming with opportunity especially since i grew up in the middle of nowhere. Now i just need the energy to work for what i want.

Right now I’m in the living room on my laptop sitting at the dining table watching the TV and I’ve applied to 3 jobs, contacted a few creative people in the area, tuned my ukulele, eaten some toast, had a cup of tea and put out a few castings to hopefully get back into modelling.

Dan will be home soon and were going to have dinner and watch some movies cuddled up on the sofa.

Good evening to you all!

P.S ive been reading ‘How To Be A Woman’ by Caitlin Moran and i’m slowly falling in love with her.


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