Today is about making plans

I don’t usually eat such a  good breakfast, i woke up and looked around my room and thought about all the things i want to change. My illness has a way of making me very lazy and unproductive and i feel that some days all my productive energy comes at once and i don’t know where to start.

First of all, i’m still adjusting to not living in my enormous student house bedroom where i had a desk and could use my PC, now i cant edit or plan photo shoots easily, so im going to sell my laptop and PC and buy a Macbook Pro, maybe do some further research into which Macbook is the best for Photoshop (anyone reading have any insights let me know!)

Second, since i’m going to be living in a new city as of this weekend, im going to make the most of it and find places where i can have exhibitions or pop up shops to sell my prints.

Onwards and upwards!







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