Let us adore our men

‘Beautiful is a how you describe a woman.. not a man.’

For some reason, well, i know the reason, but for some reason ive stuck to this, i’ve never really put looks before anything else, if you make me laugh, make me smile, that always takes precedence over how attracted i am to the person physically.. i think its down to the story of how my Mother and Father got together, he saw her from across the room, her hair so long and blonde almost below her bum and claimed to fall in love with her then and there, my Mother always said she never found him attractive straight away, it was after she fell in love with his personality that she managed to notice his good looks, i always thought that was the best way, looks fade, but personality does not.. if you can put the most important one in front of the other.. nothing can fizzle out, no need to ‘spice things up’.

However, a few weeks ago i remembered something id missed dearly,


I wanted butterflies, weak knees, trembling lips, the lot.

and out of the blue, without looking for it, without intending anything, i got all three.

He understands things about myself i never expected anyone to understand

He looks at me and he just knows

And i think he feels the same about me

The way he looks at me, that smile..

He’s beautiful inside and out


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