as a chronic pain sufferer, i appreciate comfort more than anyone.

the fact that I have a sizable section of my wardrobe and an entire drawer dedicated to pj’s and soft, comfy clothes AND 2 pairs of slippers is just the start

that feeling you get when you’ve been trying to not walk like Bambi – grieving Bambi at that – in your heels all night and you cant wait to take them off cause each step is absolute agony.. imagine that pain but all over your body, and imagine someone stabbing you at the same time..and times 1000,000,000.

candles, bedding, pillows, makeup remover make me feel human & they’re always on the top of my list – it used to be whiskey and leather pants, but then i got worse and realized i cant do normal (fun) things anymore.

when i see an item of clothing i like, i immediately look for the big size, i want to be comfy, at all times. i wont compromise.

i associate a lot of fun/normal things with pain, now.. but that’s a whole other, quite upsetting, story.

I take at least 2 baths a day

i actually don’t mind hangovers because i know I’m gonna feel amazing when its gone and i love the relief.

I have 12 different types of tea-pigs tea because it eases my pain and makes me feel those warm fuzzies

i sometimes don’t shave for weeks cause the enjoyment of super smooth legs lasts a good few days, another comfort thing.

‘comfort food; is just all food.

Sex is a painkiller but also a pain inducer.

The list is never ending..





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