the diamond in the rough i cant stop polishing

I have to make a post about this, it’s still new to me, I’ve read a little bit on the subject but mostly this is coming from my own, quite fresh experiences, and this is mainly about how the submissive – dominant dynamic is compared to a standard relationship.. i don’t even know what to call a ‘normal’ relationship now.. one where you love the other, you may only ever be with one and other and you may get married and have children etc.

Well, ive recently started to experience what a sub-dom relationship is like, it started as a casual thing but then started to progress, I’ve been with a man who’s introduced me into new realms of everything from pleasure to relationships in general, all i can say is.. i feel relief. I used to feel so constrained and trapped by my trust issues and insecurities. They seem to have faded away.. I will write more on this as it’s interesting to me, i don’t know enough yet and its early days so as my fickle heart goes i may hate it by next month, but we will see.


For now, i am respected, adored and wanted.


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