Steady as she goes

as of January i have a full time job meaning two key things will change in my life:

  1. I will finally be able to save up and move out of my parents house
  2. I’ll be forced to work through my debilitating illness and have my ‘do absolutely nothing/pain day’ much later than i’m currently used to. This isnt a complaint however.

I’m doing so well, that it feels strange and im starting to doubt myself, typical, that i never appreciate my own happiness when im feeling it.

Usually, a few weeks into being single, i’m flying off the handle, not eating, drinking too much, smoking too much, crying in my sleep and making stupid mistakes, but not once have i looked in the mirror and felt doubt or hate nor for myself or the situation i’ve created for  myself, i’m proud of myself and what i’ve accomplished on my own.

If im being honest, im a force to be reckoned with.



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