human pheromones

I’ve been lost, lately.

Not in a dark place, mind.

After changing form of contraception, my mental issues, insecurities, somehow faded to almost nothing, a decade of being on fake hormones has been bringing my mood down constantly like hundreds of falling leaves. That changed to me feeling as if i’m on a hormone high, constantly happy, every day sunny, rose tinted lenses.

This coinciding with leaving my very best friends at university and returning back home after two years, realizing my life was becoming very..serious, work and personal.

I started to pull back, revert, to when i was young, carefree, complimented, adorned & free of responsibilities.. the butterfly feeling id surely never feel again if my life was to stay on its current track, not that it’s the wrong track.

I sit in the long grass, sunny, warm, carefree music playing, i look down out of the bright light, to see wild oats growing, the urge to sew them grows stronger day after day..

save me/shake me..



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