Demijohn – liquid deli

Another of York’s retail treasures! Demijohn.

”My Wife and I founded Demijohn in 2004 in Edinburgh’s Old Town as the World’s first Liquid Deli. It started as a family business and still is very much that. Simply pick your own bottle then choose your favorite food or drink to fill it with. You can refill your Demijohn bottle again and again…”

My Mum made sure i visited this little gem when i told her i was going to York, she’d bought a gift for a friend then returned for something for our kitchen – we’re big gin drinkers and olive oil users so this shop is perfect for us!

The store itself is beautiful and you immediately want to test something or personalize something.

Whether its fancy balsamic vinegar or strawberry cream liqueur, they have everything! and it can all be put into a beautiful handmade bottle of your choosing and customized, and THEN they even gift wrap it for you.

Also, all the gin’s and whiskeys can be sampled. (we like to sample) You can bring back your little bottle to refill it full of joy again and again! either with a favorite or something new.

(The orange gin, in particular, is beautiful)

The cool things you can do:

if you buy a bottle as a gift/for yourself you can have a message put on the bottle to go with your gift idea

you can use it all up, return the bottle and have the message rubbed off the bottle and keep it rubbed of for whatever you wanna use it for next!

refill it with either a new type of gin, whisky or even cooking oil.

After i bought the orange gin i was given a little cocktail recipe card whilst having my bottle gift wrapped, you can find more recipes on their website. Their not all cocktail recipes either, there’s a recipe for truffle oil and even chocolate cake! 🙂

DEMIJOHN (1 of 12)DEMIJOHN (2 of 12)DEMIJOHN (3 of 12)DEMIJOHN (4 of 12)DEMIJOHN (5 of 12)DEMIJOHN (6 of 12)DEMIJOHN (7 of 12)DEMIJOHN (8 of 12)DEMIJOHN (9 of 12)DEMIJOHN (10 of 12)DEMIJOHN (11 of 12)DEMIJOHN (12 of 12)


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