..aand rest

ive had hamster cuddles, had a lovely cup of tea, taken a nice stroll back down to earth.

I’ve been pretty stressed but im all better now!

being out of work, constantly applying for jobs, constantly feeling your self-esteem drop. It’s not nice, especially when i have my illness to contend with on top of that, always feeling lethargic and pained, but! ive been working hard and even though i don’t feel this job is the best i can do, my hard work has paid off and i can relax for a while, i can treat myself to something small to make it feel all worth it.

the studio where I’ll be working has had a lot of time and effort spent on it and it looks like vintage paradise. there’s even a pale pink vesper! beautiful changing rooms and every inch of it is just so pretty. It will be lovely to work somewhere so pretty 🙂  i also have my own desk 😀

Cant wait to start

As for the rest of the night, i have nothing to do tomorrow, going shopping with my Mum and having a lay in.


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