must be an age thing

I can’t be the only one who does this. It could be a result of many things, ive had a hectic past few years, it could be my way of dealing with anxiety, it could be fears of going it on my own, it could be coping mechanism, but ive noticed i do it daily.

Even in the safest environments and most natural and unthreatening situations that wouldn’t in any way lead me to believe i’m unsafe, i always, immediately, imagine in my head the worst thing that can happen during that moment, and i think, that wouldn’t happen, what ive just pictured, it wont happen, so relax. For example, i was running a bath in an empty house, and i pictured someone breaking in and drowning me (bit intense) but seconds after i thought, that wont happen.Its like the devil vs the angel on my shoulders, its strange, but it comforts me. When people say ‘whats the worst that can happen’ i never used to find that helpful because whats happening right now is what im experiencing and so imagining another scenario, especially a worse one, isnt comforting, but now, it is. It reinforces something in my head and makes me know everything is okay.



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