catching up

I’ve been so busy ive hardly had time to catch my breath, with my illness getting worse im finding it hard to stick to things i originally wanted – but my blog wont suffer, i promised myself.

Ive graduated from uni,well, not officially, the ceremony is on the 14th, im excited but also want to have it over with. I wish my attitude was different but being utterly skint has become the norm and i want that to change asap! I have a promising job interview in the next or so 🙂 we shall see.

Ive been vamping up my site, im using it as an extension to my CV, its: and its the only thing thats consistent in my life at the moment.

I  have a referral to see a rheumatologist (should probably learn how to spell that) and he/she  is going to give me a firmer diagnosis, im pretty excited about it to be honest, finally get some secure help and proper advice – you know a nurse told me to ‘have a bath‘ instead of prescribing me the pain meds i desperately need? a fucking bath? 

any way, with all the stress of moving out of my student house -(FYI, SO happy to no longer be a student, not happy to miss out on all the discount, but oh am i glad) cancelling bills, paying surprise fee’s, you know – grown up stuff. I suddenly remember that all the worries can temporarily go away while my camera is in my hand.

to whoever is reading (hi, and thankyou) but remember theres more interesting stuff on its way, reasons:

  1. i recently discovered Lush = hauls, reviews & photos of me smelling stuff
  2. i started an online shop to sell prints so ill be shamelessly plugging my work via wordpress
  3. alot of stuff is happening in my adult life, ill be complaining or celebrating, either way, itl be entertaining.

alice x


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