a view on feminism today

Feminism isn’t the same any more. I’m not sure if i can call myself a feminist, however, i do stand for the right to decide what happens to my own body, i should be able to choose to abort, i should be able to work aside men without the paranoia of receiving sexual remarks, if i go out in a low cut dress i’m not asking for it. All those things are fine with me, but ‘feminists’ today are ridiculous, go too far, blame men for everything and raise unbelievably high expectations. Men have done more good for me throughout my life than women, however, i’ve always aspired to be like my Mum, she’s my hero. So, im kinda equal in terms of my love for genders. We both need to fight to be better and to live better, not just women. it started out worse for women, but sometimes we just need to accept that life sucks sometimes and its not all down to the fact we have internal genitalia. 

I’m all for good causes, but women can waste their lives fighting things that may never change because it’s out of anyone’s control. There are women who have overcome many obstacles and are still holding down a family, career and against all odd’s they’re happy.

Forget your gender for a while and just strive to be happy.


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