being unfaithful is always bad… but is there an exception?

i met him in the park, he made me giggle and gave me a nick name that made me blush, he brought out the best in me, i came out with a joke and felt as if someone had taken over my body because its something i would never usually say, i felt proud and smitten, he drove me home and i didnt hug him goodbye, but he found me on Facebook, i gave him my number and over the following five years he became my best friend and the reason i started deleting my text messages..

We used to meet every now and then whenever id been through a bad break up, he offered to take me out for coffee or ice cream or just a talk in his car. We kept it very ‘friendly’ he only ever came into my house to pick me up.

Near the end, i started to feel comfortable enough to tell him about every time id dreamt of him, he used to tell me he’d dreamt about me too but, at the time, i felt he was just saying it because i said it.

Once after his ex girlfriend had been treating him badly again, he got drunk and told me he thought he loved me but at the time.. i was with someone, i wasnt happy, but i also didnt want someone who i actually really cared about to lie to me, so after that we didnt talk for a couple of days.

A year went by and him and his ex split and he came to see me, i  let him into my living room for the first time, he told me how he’d felt about me since we met and i told him the same, he brought me an orchid and we’ve been together ever since.

He told me that every time he’d been to see me, he’d lied to his girlfriend because he knew it wasnt just him seeing a friend. normally id disagree with that, but i wanted him for so long, it was just flattering.

Not long ago we celebrated our two-year anniversary, we are moving in together next year and we’ve discussed getting married. i love him to the moon and back.


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