Post production software – photoshop alternatives

Is Photoshop the limit?
So, ive been spending some quality time with my laptop. evil laugh Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5, to be precise, but ive also been pondering the idea, is there anything better/more user friendly than the big 3 (photoshop, lightroom and capture one) ive been using the brand new program from OnOne software – Perfect Photo Suite 9,it is just as powerful, more user friendly and leaves extra room for customisation, if youre one for creating your own filters/presets. it has qualities of both photoshop and lightroom. Recently ive been creating a new watermark and this program has helped massivley with that.Untitled2


the program opens up in the browse section of this page, it is just like lightroom, however, without the catalogue feature, so i havent included that screen shot. In this section, Layers, you can add layers before going on the edit it, the top bar is like the path to editing before it gives you the option to upload the edited product to the web via a number of platforms.  this first window is basic and helps with organising your photos.  you can use the brush tools, basic editing such as removing red eye, blemish removal, cropping, etc.

From here you move onto the Enhance page.

UntitledHere you will find presets and various corrections to the left and to the right, there are the basic quick fixes. And such like Lightroom you can adjust sharpening, clarity, noise reduction, etc. I personally love the preset section, you can make your own personal filters and presets on your effects page and save them here so when youre moving down the path you can automatically add your presets here before you go onto the more indetail editing page.

Untitled3the next page you find is the portrait section which lets you edit portraits only, it detects the faces in the image automatically, however this can be done manually, obviously it wont edit if a face cannot be detected therefore this section is just for portraits. Skin smoothing is just the first basic, you can edit the eyes in detail, the mouth and the skin tone and hair. its brilliant!

the next section is the best!

Untitled4all the filters and presets you could ever need in life. borders, textures, all customizable and you can stack the layers and play with everything! its brilliant. the Matte filters are especially beautiful.

Untitled6this section is just for black and white images. You can find all types of colour casts and tones of black and white effects. Perfect if youve taken a black and white image and need to add some extra punch or if you want to desaturate a colour image. You can play around with tone, clarity and borders.

Untitled7the final step is an indetail and simple to use image sizing page. This is perfect if the image size feature in photoshop confuses you slightly like it confuses me! ive never been great with numbers.

All in all, if youre needing to use the pen tool, stick with photoshop, indepth and fine tuning – photoshop will always be the best. This perfect photo suite 9 is brilliant, though, for adding your personal touch to your images. I adore it. and on the OnOne Software website they have freebies including filters and presets for use in Camera Raw, they basically put all the most popular filters together in one easy to use drop box and you can add them to your images before opening into photoshop.

Photo editors – enjoy!


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