Ehlers Danlos Diary 21/07/2015

Well, i’ve quit my job. I thought i could make it work, but i cant, i get quite emotional when i think about it, ive always thought i was strong enough to have a normal job and work as hard as everyone else, but i am unable to.

My manager was less than understanding, however he did say he could tell that i wanted to work hard and i did well considering the circumstances.

and above everything else, im proud that i tried.

my foot is healing after my operation, had the bandage re-dressed and i can put shoes on now and walk properly.

pain levels:

ankles – 2/5

knees – 3/5

wrists – 1/5

shoulders – craking more than usual. 2/5

hips – 1/5

legs – 3/5

back – lower pain, aching, cracking, weakness feeling. 4/5

anxiety/mental stuff:

my friend told me about a chiropractor in Leeds who is supposed to be amazing, im really excited to have my lower back looked at properly and ive finally found out why i get rib pain so much. much happier now ive left that job and im spending more time working on my photography.


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