life update – new job

so while i’m away from university for the summer i’ve got myself a job in a warehouse.

everyone i know who also has EDS is asking me why the hell i did this because its a lot of work, lots of bending down, lifting heavy things.. basically everything someone like me should avoid, and my physiotherapist would probably go mental, however, even though it is painful, and i’ve only done three shifts, i believe i shouldnt stay in bed all summer, i think hard work does everyone good, no matter what their ailments may be. i think it will do me some good and hopefully continue to stregnthen my pain tolerance.

however, i do believe that your job must reflect your personality, and most of the people in the warehouse spend ten hours a day not speaking to another human being.. and that is depressing as hell to me. i must admit i spend most of my day wishing i was in a photography studio.


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