ehlers danlos diary 12/07/2015

my new job, even though, im VERY excited to get paid, is killing me! the pain is terrible, however, it gives me a very good reason to stay in bed all day, and i feel every bit of pain i have i, in turn, become stronger both mentally and physically.

pain levels:

ankles – slightly swollen, clicking, 1/5

knees – feeling loose, 3/5

wrists – fine.

shoulders – craking more than usual, feeling loose, 2/5

hips – better. 1/5

legs – my femur bones keep locking and cracking, 2/5

back – lower pain, aching, cracking, weakness feeling. 4/5

anxiety/mental stuff:

i feel much more relaxed now. i have a few days off work, getting paid next week. i no longer feel anxious and guilty for staying in bed, having long baths, never putting on makeup and taking care of myself.

however, me and my other half havent had sex in a couple of months down to my legs feeling weak and my medication killing my sex drive.. this is a worry. but he understands. i love him so much.


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