my sensitive skin products

if you have sensitive skin like me.. you’ve probably tried all the popular brands claiming to be suitable for sensitive skin.. and you probably soon after found out they were clearly lying to you.

i wish i inherited my Mums olive skin tone. the smell of her face cream is not only nostalgic but it’s so fragrant and lovely. that’s the only downside to having to use products which i pretty sure are just milk.

the simple range is pretty much the only brand that works for skin so fair and translucent like mine. i also use medicated dermatitis cream and the occasional steroid cream when my eczema is really bad, and simple light moisturizer doesn’t react with my medicated products in a bad way! 🙂

IMG_0051from left to right.

FOR BODY: Shea butter from Body Shop, fast drying, rich moisturizer which leaves a lovely scent but isn’t too heavy.

FOR FACE: Loreal cleansing milk, i usually use this on a morning as my face is sometimes puffy after i wake up and this is a very rich moisturizer and it seems to cure that! its got a lovely smell and you don’t need to use a lot. it doesn’t ‘sink in’ straight away like other creams so its great if you have some areas of dryness that need deep treatment.

FOR MAKEUP REMOVAL: simple wipes, plain and simple. i couldn’t be without these, i always buy four packs a time, very cheap from Bodycare and did i say i couldn’t be without them? i really couldn’t. i use them to sculpt my eyebrows too, its a good trick.

FOR MOISTURIZING: simple light moisturizer, ive used the rich version of this but it is too rich, and this is perfect. it even feels refreshing.

FOR CLEANSING: simple cleansing lotion, applied with cotton pads it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and again its not too heavy and not perfumed at all.

my night-time routine: to remove makeup, use one or two wipes. cleanse with the simple bottle and then use the light moisturizer. Perfect! ❤


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