ehlers danlos diary 05/07/2015

pretty excited to start my new job on Wednesday and finally have some money over the summer. i moved out of halls for good yesterday and moved my stuff into my new house, most grown up thing ive ever done! it was so exciting. looking forward to starting my third year 🙂

pain levels:

ankles – fine.

knees – aching, cracking more than usual. 2/5

wrists – fine.

shoulders – fine

hips – cracking and locking alot.

legs – my femur bones keep locking and cracking, very painful. 5/5

back – lower pain, aching, cracking, weakness feeling high, 5/5 although much better after lower back yoga positions

anxiety/mental stuff:

as i said, im in a very good place at the moment. ive actually missed my medication past two days because im so happy. weve been experiencing storms.. and the weather keeps rapidly turning from boiling hot to drastic thunder-storm with heavy rain, somehow i feel even more calm, less mood swings.. because the world is having all my mood swings for me.

im very happy 🙂


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