alice’s every day face!


people often ask me about my makeup, what i use to draw on my eyebrows or if i wear blush or not, so heres a post entirley based on my face..

i can tell you’re excited.

FOR FOUNDATION: if you’ve read my pale skin products post (and if you havent, why not?) you’ll have already heard of this wonderous product. My Beautiful Earth mineral foundation, in matte silk, natural fair. i use the real techniques buffer brush to apply this all over my face (unless its a pretty warm day then i unleash the forehead freckles) this brush is brilliant for mineral foundation because you can work up the coverage by how hard you press on your skin or obviosly by how much product you apply to the brush, its also great for avoiding covering yourself in powder when putting it on, which can happen with other brushes!

IMG_0076 IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079

FOR CONCELAR: before applying the mineral foundation i dab a bit of the Collection concelar in fair under my eyes because i have very dark eyes (boo) and even though the mineral foundation gives really good coverage, i just like to have that bit extra under my eyes, its an area im pretty insecure about.

FOR ALL OVER FACE AND NECK: i apply the collection powder in the lightest shade using a large powder brush just to dust over and brighten up my face. a light layer.

FOR BLUSH: my most recent beautiful find. i walked into boots with a heavy heart as id tried almost every type of pink blush and still wasnt happy, and a very lovely woman helped me find this ( fyi, i usually adore the gothic, no colour, monochromatic, white as f&*%k face but i find that without a little bit of contour of colour on the apples of the cheeks i look.. like an orphan) anyway, the blush is perfect, rose de jaspe, 95, by Bourjois. (it comes with a brush, but if you know whats good for you, you wouldnt use it, because its terrible.)

THE BLUSH BRUSH: this is one of my fave brushes. the blusher brush by eco-tools. feels so soft, never loses its bristles, perfectly shaped to sweep over the apple of your cheeks.

IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0067 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 IMG_0071

FOR THE BROWS: Sleek eyebrow kit in dark. or black 820. (you can also get this in extra dark, and when mine runs out i am going to try it to see if its better, but for now this is perfect) i got tired of using pencils and wanted brushes, this is wonderful as it has a oily, ill call it, drawing substance (?) to carefully draw the shape of your brow with precision, before using the finishing powder to make sure those bad boys stay on your face all night long. the brush you apply the pigmented wax (thats the actual name of it..) with, is angled to get the perfect shape, this i also love. its also in a cute box you can carry round with you.


EYES: No7 lovely lashes mascara, and thats all! when i go out i usually make my eyes as dark as humanly possible so when im not making an effort i usualy just wear mascara. this is my fave. it has argon oil and feels so lovely, and its dramatic if you apply it as such but if you just blink onto the brush it looks so natural and pretty.

LIPS: Nude lipstick by Mua, perfect for everyday wear, its just a shade darker than my natural lip colour so looks so natural and matte.

IMG_0073 IMG_0074

another reason why i love Mua lipsticks: recently ive been applying lippy with my brush rather than the actual lipstick itself, and all mua sticks have a little screw on top at the bottom, its genuis?! I like how you can screw on a colour from another stick if you find a nice combination for ombre lips.

all images copyright to Alice Catherine O’Gara


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