my pale products

”i think you’re the whitest girl i know””why bother even dressing up for halloween? ””pale doesnt even cut it!”

attention all pale skinned beauties!

a whole seven years of wearing makeup, here i am, 23 years old and i’ve only just managed to find the right shade of makeup to match my skin perfectly without leaving an orange line on my neck.

i tried the No7 skin test in Boots.. the lady said there wasnt a shade that existed among the No7 range that was pale enough and that i was off the charts!

i tried mixing Barry M white foundation with my ordinary foundation but the coverage was far too thick and heavy

i tried just wearing powder but the coverage wasnt enough to cover the dark circles and veins under my eyes.

BUT THEN.. i found the best products ever.

for foundation – liquid foundation oxidises when it dries on your skin, for this reason, even if you have olive/dark skin, it is recommended to choose a foundation one shade lighter than the one you think it right for you. this is why the miracle that is mineral foundation is perfect for this reason (and many more) the most popular is Bare Minerals, however, when i tried the palest shade i found it gave a matte finish (which i don’t mind, when i wear powder, but i like the difference between the dewy look and the matte look, i think its nice to have the option)

so i found another maker of mineral foundation, bought a sample and fell in love! i can use it with my favourite face brush, you can work up the coverage as heavy or as light as you like. it has that shimmer but not glittery finish. it matches my skin tone perfectly, it’s filled with healthy, natural ingredients and it doesn’t oxidize whatsoever.

what i use – PurePearl Healing Foundation (Satin Glow) Pearl extract contains amino acids, 30 trace minerals, peptides & vitamins, contains 22 amino acids, 10 of which help maintain cell nutrition & are essential building blocks for cell generation in the human body. If you skin is depleted of even one of the 10 essential amino acids, your skin will start
to feel dry and look dull & wrinkled. The combination of these amino acids help increase
collagen and enhance elasticity of the skin giving you a more youthful and radiant appearance.

the shade – Natural fair (there are two shades lighter than this also, porcelain doll and geisha white, i occasionally use porcelain doll as it makes a great highlighter)


this foundation is just perfect and its very affordable, and if you have skin like mine then you wont need a lot of it so sample jars are a great idea and super cheap!

have a look for yourself 🙂 – My Beautiful Earth

for concelear – this is my secret weapon! its ÂŁ4.19 from boots and it’s the best thing ever. m have such dark circles under my eyes and im THAT pale you can see my veins. i rarely get spots but i do get the odd black head or eczema break out on my face and this concealer works wonders. i buy this in the lightest shade (fair) and i usually buy three at a time! i just love it.  most days, when im not planning on leaving the house, i do my brows roughly and just wear this concealer and i always get skin compliments, it’s so natural looking but does the job. 10196692

i hope these have helped. be proud to be pale.


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