why i stopped colouring and started wigging.

           okay so, about a year ago i decided to do this to my hair, (below) looks quite awesome in this photo however, the left side of my hair was completley dead, my hair dresser said id have to cut it to my ear for it to regain even a small amount of health. Ive had every hair colour under the sun. but this black and orange split hair was the last straw! and i mean that literally because that IS what my hair felt like. STRAW.

i had a deep condition, i removed the colour and began the hair depression period. however, this was just before i went off to university and i wanted to make a good impression and not walk around with a bag over my head, so on the first freshers night out the Alice in Wonderland Ball, i decided to dress as the cheshire cat, bought a long pastel blue/purpley coloured wig, recieved 6758430 compliments and never took it off!

…and the wig journey began..

11054848_1565624573697727_2758813636026552787_n11164040_1581677908759060_3341447688154838491_n 11136674_1582386932021491_7660578044084173117_n8Untitled



so yeah, i basically LOVE wigs.

and here is a list of why you should too:

  • my hair, since the orange disaster, has grown double its length, my hair dresser is astonished, (yes, she actually used that word) at the health, density and length of my hair.
  • ive now decided to grow out my natural colour (from jet black to blonde) and usually this would be a nightmare because of the awful and painfully obvious re-growth, but since my hairs always covered by a wig – no one sees it! plus because my hair is so healthy, the permanent dye is growing out in no time.
  • i never heat style my hair – i dont ever style my hair, i just get ready, tie up my hair and put on a wig. no need to blow dry or straighten it, it can be as messy as possible and it doesnt matter!
  • takes LOADS of time off ‘getting ready to go out’ time. if i think about how much money and time i spent taming and colouring my hair, turning up late, everything! wigs solve that.
  • you can have that colour you’d never EVER dye because you know you’d have to bleach the sh!”* out of your hair. bleach blonde? no problem. jet black? no problem.
  • save on shampoo and conditioner – i wear high temperature synthetic wigs, this means, they’re made from a synthetic fibre which can be heat styled (another plus point) however you want, but isnt actually hair, so they’re washed with cool water and fabric softener, which is a hell of alot cheaper than decent shampoo and conditioner.
  • cheaper than hair dye! my synthetic wigs are about £12 each (even cheaper if they happen to be on sale) think of the cost of hair dressing, hair dye, etc. its loads cheaper. (other than lace front wigs, these are wigs that are hand made and they appear much more realistic and natural looking, these are SO worth it and so stunning and customizable, however these cost a little more, i will link my fave wig shop below)
  • you know that beautiful feeling of removing your bra at the end of the day? wig wigs you experience a whole new feeling of relief when you remove both bra and wig at the end of the day. it is beautiful indeed.
  • i think wigs make you more honest (this may sound like bulls$!*t but bear with me, whenever im out rocking a wig and someone compliments my hair; ”omg, i love your hair colour” i never say thankyou, i always say ”its actually a wig :)” because i want to spread the word of the wig and the responses i usually get are ”wow you can really pull of wigs!” and ”it looks so real!” ‘i might get one!” these are compliments enough to me!

SO if you’re convinced, here is the link to my favourite wig shop, they’re all so beautiful and im fully addicted!  i guarantee you will find at least two that you love!


❤ 🙂


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