ehlers danlos diary 30/06/2015


editing 300 photos takes forever. but ive done it and im getting paid later on today.

my boyfriend has the day off so we’re going for a meal tonight πŸ™‚

pain levels:

ankles – aching, 2/3

knees – aching, weak, cant straighten legs completely without shooting pain 4/5

wrists – clicking and weak, 3/5 especially after editing all my images

shoulders – fine

hips – fine

back – lower pain, aching, cracking, weakness feeling high, 5/5 although much better after lower back yoga positions

anxiety/mental stuff:

ive found something else that helps me loads, i have splints, tens machine etc. but ive found that hemp oil is amazing for everything from pain relief and anti inflammatory and hair & nail growth andΒ  eczema help. it’s so amazing for my skin and has rid of my dark circles under my eyes. also helps because im so pale. id highly recommend it.



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