“Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get?”
Jodi Picoult, Vanishing Acts

do you believe in karma?

sometimes i think i do and other times i don’t.

i do not believe in religion, i simply don’t, and that is a whole other post.. but what i do believe in is belief itself (bear with me) without faith, feeling or belief, whats the point? i believe in science, i believe we’re not alone, i believe in goodness, truth and honesty. i used to believe that the concept behind karma forced people to listen to the moral voice in their head and choose to do the right thing, however, isn’t that selfish? only do good so you can get a reward? personally, if you do good to only receive good, you deserve bad.

do you agree?

i am a good person, i have patience, talent, grace, i wear my heart on my sleeve, generosity and above all, as the meaning of my name, loyalty and nobility.

so if karma exists, why has everyone ive ever loved hurt/cheated on me? every friend betrayed me? why do i have a life long chronic illness which has hindered my chances of starting a family of my own? why has my mother battled with breast cancer?

because that is life, that’s why. it’s hard at the best of times.


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