ehlers danlos diary 29/06/2015

missed three whole days! or should i say hole days. i have to have an operation because there is a hole in my toe. yes, a hole in my toe. So ive been in bed doing what i can of my photography client work.

pain levels:

ankles – aching, slightly swollen, 3/5

knees – aching, weak, cant seem to straighten right leg without intense shooting pain. 5/5

wrists – clicking and weak, 2/5

shoulders – fine

hips – fine

back – lower pain, aching, cracking, weakness feeling high, 5/5

anxiety/mental stuff:

I HAVE A HAMSTER. shes beautiful and i will post some photos soon. she was seperated from the other female russian dwarves, also named winter whites, because they were picking on her and attacking her, and after that, no one wanted her! so i brought her home and gave her lots of love… and lettuce.

i really feel that being surrounded by adorable animals make you feel like theres much more positivity in the world.


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