vicious cycle

i grew up in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, the kind of village with one single solitary shop, mansions, oh and Roger Moore used to live down the road from me.

as you can probably tell, and im in no way boasting, that my family had a comfortable life. when i decided to go to university i had little to no money to help me through, neither from he government or my family because even though the government will assume my family can support me, i have a brother too and thank goodness he doesn’t want to go to uni either because otherwise he’d be struggling the same as i am.

but im grateful, because, this is the reality shock i didn’t get when i was growing up.

i was always, in a strange way, envious of my friends who’d grew up with less money and creature comforts because they were forced to grow up a lot quicker, i see that as a plus, ready for the outside world at a younger age.


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