how dare you share a beverage with another woman, you heathen you!

trust is a difficult thing, i could go on for years (literally) about what made me this way and what led me away from it but something happened today that made me realise how much ive changed

i was in my boyfriends car and there were two cans of coke in the cup holders, i asked him for a sip and he said ”oh that ones not mine” and when i asked who’s it was and he replied with a girl’s name, i couldn’t even explain the feeling i felt in my heart, and right at that moment i felt i had every right to feel that feeling but earlier today i realised that he’s exactly the sort of person to offer to drive his work friends home from work, and that’s one of the reasons why i love him so dearly.

this may seem like a small thing but it’s actually a huge sign of growth, it’s a big deal to someone who’s as paranoid, untrusting and anxious as me.


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