ehlers danlos diary 25/06/2015

today ive been to work to sign my contracts, went for lunch with Bambi then came home and edited my photographs while sat on my bed watching Netflix

pain levels:

ankles – aching, 2/5

knees – aching, weakness or unstable feeling, 3/5

wrists – clicking and aching, 4/5

shoulders – okay.

hips – okay.

back – lower pain, aching, cracking, weakness feeling high, 5/5

anxiety/mental stuff

my brother managed to get a job today, his first ever job, so that’s made me feel less anxious, recently since he’s left college ive been worried my parents will be constantly on his back about finding a job in art/graphics, he wont instantly get a decent paid job,  it would be better for him to start from the bottom maybe working as an apprentice, but at least now while he’s earning he can be looking for something, so that’s one less thing heavy on my mind.

ive almost finished editing all my images for my client, got about 150 to go but my wrist is weak today so im stopping for today.

im also back on sertraline so that should  help, definitely with the headaches.

i know if im ever feeling crappy i can talk to my very special friend who also has EDS, she always cheers me up, it’s so nice knowing someone else is suffering the same as you, sometimes she actually makes me lucky and unique to have EDS 🙂


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