if you don’t like vegetarians don’t be one.

my brother is a vegetarian, and daily i hear arguments between him and my Dad, usually instigated by my Dad saying how ridiculous it is and how he doesn’t agree with it. He doesn’t even let my brother get a word in he just shouts over him, luckily, my brother is old enough and, quite unfortunately, we are both used to him constantly complaining and being over opinionated, some people are just that way, i guess.

i was a pesceterian once, for health and because my conscience wasnt my friend whenever i ate meat especially when i was with someone who ate lamb ( i adore lambs ) i grew up in a small village full of fields and farms and baby farm animals and it made it very hard for me to comprehend both wanting one as a pet and eating one, it just didn’t compute with me, i wouldn’t eat my cat, so i wont eat lamb.

unfortunately, after a year or so without meat my body was even worse, i gained many more complications with ehlers danlos syndrome and i needed protein, i was given strict advice from my physiotherapist and two of my childhood GP’s. i eventually managed to eat a chicken sandwich and i was back on meat again, i gained a bit of weight, but overall my muscles and bones feel much better for it (not that this goes for everyone. you CAN be healthy on a vegetarian diet, but im different)

i believe, that above everything, you’ve got to look after yourself. you only get one life, dont weaken yourself for others.  i understand that if everyone had this attitude wed live in a very selfish world, (not that we don;t already..) but if you are already weak, like i am, you have a right to be selfish. love yourself.


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