what you do and don’t miss when you’re home from uni


I’m currently studying my degree in commercial photography, I absolutely love it, but after a long first year, and after gaining some wonderful grades I’m back to my childhood home, not halls of residence, back into my big beautiful bed with a my orthopedic mattress which ive missed ever so much. Back to my cat snuggles. Back to not having to pay for food, home cooked meals, comfortable carpets, peace and quiet.


Although i do miss the constant laughter, there’s always something happening in halls, you are literally surrounded by your friends, there’s always a party going on, constant procrastination, always giving into such things like take aways, cheap bottles of vodka. From my window i could see straight to the smoking area where there was never less than twelve people there just standing around talking. If i ever needed someone to talk to it was so easy to be laughing my head off in less than 5 minutes with just a knock on the door. The friends ive made are so amazing and always will be amazing to me.

images property of Alice Catherine O’Gara


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