Spending my life making people feel and look incredible is lifting me, i can feel myself becoming even more proud of myself and my abilities.  I am content. Self care is paramount. Love yourself.


Valentines Day

Valentines day is never anything weve ever celebrated, but one of my clients gave me a M&S voucher for £30  so we got ourselves a nice meal. It marks the first few days of getting our gorgeous apartment, a year ago on the 12th we got the keys.

Dan decorated the living room full of candles, we had some bubbly and relaxed 🙂 it was nice for my home to feel less like work!


ehlers danlos syndrome – new symptom

The other night i had a little scare, a couple of years ago i dislocated my right shoulder, which i managed to pop back in myself on the way to A&E, i was in a cast, then a sling for about 4 months. That arm, obviously, hasn’t been the same since, annoyingly enough its my right shoulder therefore i carry my camera in that hand, i mix with that hand and it’s always being over worked. My boyfriend sometimes has to wash my hair for me, but ive been getting by!

But the other night while sitting on my sofa my arm started to go numb, i started to move it around a bit like how you move when you feel pins and needles coming on, but it grew stronger and eventually went completely numb. The paramedics were concerned i was having a stroke or a heart attack, i told them what i had and they both had to get out their phones and google it. I looked at Dan and just cried, where’s the support? I felt hopeless. They checked my heart, my blood, my temperature, everything, they were very apologetic and very caring but ultimately, i waited it out, attached to wires with a racing heart.

This is just a new symptom, among the others i have to watch out for.

After leaving my job where i was scared to be honest about my health for fear of being treated like an idiot, or, ‘bringing my problems to work’. I swore i wouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of my dream career. My health is one of those obstacles.

But it wont stop me.

I picture myself in my beautiful studio, taking it at my own pace, my clients sensitive or even inspired by my condition,  i have all the support i need and all the love i could ever dream of from my massive circle of amazing friends, family and partner.


Recent photo-shoots/general stuff

So recently i left my studio job to focus on my own work from my little home studio.
I’ve had some amazing clients and i feel like I’m finding my niche.

I’ve also been selling vegan, organic & gluten-free cakes to a couple of cafe’s in Yorkshire, my wonderful partner is supporting me to create my own business and i havent ever felt more secure, calm and confident in my life.

I spend my days either in my studio or re-touching my work, baking and my evenings planning my little business and reading poetry.

We’re hoping to save for a little trip to Italy in a couple of months, and soon I’m going to visit my friend who’s undergoing an internship in Majorca, i have so many talented and vibrant women in my life and a man by my side.


Anyway! Below is a snippet from my recent work, the model is Laura Henney who can be found on instagram at @hennny. See the full set, the rest of my shoots over the last couple of months, live videos and offers also in instagram @alicecatherinephotography. You can also find me on


(all images below copyright to Alice Catherine Photography.)


i must remind myself to look around and see what ive built

both in my reflection and my home

look back at that insecure little girl in school, she wouldnt ever have thought she could acheive half the things you have

you’re only 25 and you’re doing what you wanted to do

you’ve got a good man by your side

wonderful friends

a lovely little home

my health is unfortunate but i manage it, i get on with it, i dont let it stop me, it may not always be that easy, but im doing it.

for now, im doing it.